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To help us in the final stages of our wedding planning, we'd be super grateful if you'd take the time to complete the short form to the right. 

Additionally, we've noted some supplementary info below to help you in planning your trip.

We can't wait to see you in France!

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Please click here to view a general info pack we've put together, including travel information and guidance plus the timeline of our wedding events.


A few of you have been asking about dress code, so we've put together this guide for the various events happening over our wedding weekend!


If you're not hiring a car, you'll need to consider your travel plans within France before arriving.  We are working with our wedding planner to put on certain group transport solutions for those of you who would like to book these at your own cost, which is why we have asked for your train details if you're arriving at Brive.  


Of course there is no obligation to opt for this, and it may not work for everyone, but a couple of things to note if you decide to go it alone on the travel front:


The trains in France are a LOT better than in the US!  It is the standard way for locals to travel longer distances and the high speed network connects parts of France effectively and efficiently.  You may therefore wish to consider taking a train if you're travelling on to another part of France to continue your holiday.


Taxis, however, are substantially more expensive and difficult to come by than we are used to.  A 5 minute trip late in the evening could set you back by up to $100!  Additionally, it is tricky to book a taxi last minute particularly in the evenings / weekends.   It is therefore extremely important that you book any taxis required before arriving in France.  Please reach out to Sarah and Ella at [email protected] with any taxi requirements you have and they'll help get these booked.

How do you plan to travel to the chateau?
Would you like us to help with coordinating your transportation to/from the Chateau?
Is it alright if we share your travel information with other guests on similar itineraries?
Thank you for your answers. They've been sent to our wedding planner who will reach out to you with any questions :)

Pt. 1 | Transportation

Pt. 2 | Wedding Menu Choices

Please select your preferred menu for our wedding day from the options below and don't forget to add any dietary requirements at the bottom!