To help me put together your ceremony, please take some time together to complete the following questions.  I’d suggest doing this over an evening with a glass of wine and make a special moment of it.  

Should you not know what to write for any of the sections, please just leave them blank and we can discuss on a planning call.  Sometimes answers come easier in conversation :)



You may like to add a some or all of the following special touches to your wedding ceremony.  It is advisable to add at least one for variety and to increase the length, otherwise my voice can get a little boring!


These can be anything from song lyrics to poems to religious verses to passages from your favourite book and anything in between.  You can be as formal or informal as you wish with your choices here.  The beauty of a symbolic ceremony is you can do anything you want!  I advise having at least one reading in your ceremony and up to as many as three or four.


The lighting of a unity candle is a great tradition to start on your wedding day and can be continued on your anniversaries to follow.  You may wish to source a personalised candle in advance for this.


Add a little formality to your ceremony by signing a symbolic certificate which you can frame alongside your wedding photos.  Etsy has a variety of options available, or you may wish to have this designed by your wedding stationer, or if youre creative you could do it yourselves.


If youre looking to add something fun between the formalities, my shots of compromise ceremony does just that!  Worded around the concept of making compromises in marriage, you will take a shot of the others favourite liquor in a symbolic act of compromise in front of your friends and family!  


For this, Ill ask you to write private notes to each other and give them to me, sealed, ahead of the ceremony.  After youve made your vows to each other, Ill introduce the notes to the ceremony and advise you to keep them, alongside a bottle of good wine, in a place of prominence in your home - all to be opened on your fifth wedding anniversary.  However, should you find your relationship has lost its sparkle before this time, Ill advise you to sit and drink the wine together and then separate and read the notes you wrote to each other in the moments leading to you making your vows on this day.

Would you like to add any of the following (you can tick more than one)
What would you like to do regarding your vows?
Thank you for your answers. I'll start putting together your script right away and will send you a Google Doc draft in the coming weeks for your review.